Orchid Care Instructions

The orchid grower's task, and it is no easy one, is to set in motion the complicated growth processes of the orchid plant, and, through maintenance of proper balance, insure continuation of that process.

Using the energy provided by light, the green leaf chlorophyll transforms the carbon dioxide from the air and the mineral salts from moisture into sugar and other carbohydrates.

These energy carbohydrates are stored until needed either for rebuilding plant tissue or for flowering. The pseudobulbs of some types, the large leathery leaves of others, and the slender grass-like leaves of orchids lacking pseudobulbs are the storage reservoirs.

The cycle will continue only if the grower devotes the utmost attention to the special requirements of the orchid. The reward for his devotion comes when the brilliant bloom and beauty of the tropics is reproduced in the greenhouse.

No hard and fast rules can be set down for the beginner to follow when it comes to orchid care instructions. However, here are some basic orchid care instructions for the beginner to follow for a few species of orchids:

phalaenopsis orchid care instructions

dendrobium orchid care instructions

cymbidium orchid care instructions

moth orchid care instructions

vanda orchid care instructions

care of vanilla orchid instructions

oncidium orchid care instructions

cattleya orchid care instructions

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